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Group Landmark understands the need of the hour, and in the year 2016, we decided to give back to the environment by embarking on a ‘Green Initiative.’


We create, and we inspire! This philosophy is etched intrinsically within us where we get encouraged to bring better solutions, as it gives us immense pleasure to give back to the world and our environment.

Being aware that Group Landmark’s presence is part of the bigger
picture of people, values, and nature, we aspire to be
responsible and work every day with gratitude,
meeting the highest standards of ethics
and professionalism.

We have committed to the vision of giving back to our society
and replenishing the resources that we consume. It also
includes socio-economic and environmental protection
initiatives that positively impact lives.


  • Understanding the need to restore our Mother Nature and giving back to the environment, we embarked on a ‘Green Initiative’ to plant and nutrure trees. we understand the need for Bioiversiyt and conservation of the rich Flora & Fauna of nature.
  • 26,000 tree saplings were planted in Kheda, Gujarat, in association with grow-trees.com.
  • 31,127 tree saplings plnated at Hathijan, Gujarat, which will be a biodiversity park and help conserve the rich flora and fauna of the region.
  • 440 tree saplings planted at Harda, Madhya Pradesh, to offset carbon emissions, increase biodiversity and generate local employment.
  • Under our ongoing CSR project of 2020, we aim to finish planting a total of 1 Lac tree saplings at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in the coming future.
  • These initiatives over the last few years have created around 6,176 work-days of jobs for the rural community and will offset approx. 988,400kg of carbon.
  • Our ‘Green Initiative’ will help prevent soil erosion and flooding and improve water retention in the area while also supplementing the biomass needs of the local community.
  • We also have monthly plans for employees to engage in our CSR activities, and we proactively involve all our customers/vendors and other partners through tree plantation drives and sapling gifting.
  • This project is a part of ‘Mission Million Trees’ of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.